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A heartfelt blog on depression


I am copying a post I put on Facebook. By the way it is one of the posts that I have got the most hits on and it makes me wonder just how many people out there are suffering from depression / anxiety and suffering silently or are at least to me unknown. It reminds me as well to remain humble and respectful of others as I do not know what they facing on a daily basis.

Anyway, here is the post:   No one ever should have to Suffer with depression. This just hits so close to home. To see the outpouring of support. I just feel so utterly helpless – to know that people are suffering. I do not know, nor can I pretend to know what Tommy was facing. But I can say boldly that I have had depression and I am trying to find my way through it daily. I am absolutely 100% not ashamed of my depression and it hurts my heart to think that others feel this pain and some feel that it is something they must face alone. I want no one to ever have to suffer this way. I hope people can be kind and understanding and if you have never been depressed then I am sorry but you have no place to say what a person should or shouldn’t do. God bless anyone suffering with any form of mental health concern, but especially to my brothers and sisters winning the battle with depression. (I am adding this ending) And I am terribly heartbroken and will mourn for those who have lost the fight.

That being said. Depression is a terrible monster but it is not “untame able”  I had a great therapist once who told me that until I know why my depression is there, that I should not get rid of it. Well trust me. I did not like what he said AT ALL. But after a while I got it, and I do know why it is here. My “buddy” depression has helped me help countless people. It has made me more human and it has grounded me and kept me aware of other’s pain and suffering and as much as I wish I never had it. I am equally glad in other ways for the experience for Depression has shaped who I am today.



I would Rather Be a Fake Somebody than A REAL Nobody

Ok Ok Hopefully by this point, you are wondering what this is all about. WELL, Fake is in. Isnt it? Fake food, Fake Tan, Fake Clothes, , Fake Wood, Fake China, Fake Gold, Fake Body Parts, ETC. Hopefully you get the point.

Well I think today we also have FAKE FRIENDS and we become a FAKE FRIEND back. OK OK before you get mad at me. I can be a fake friend too. I can get so busy and so insular that I forget that everyone is a HUMAN being and each person is completely and 100% unique and AMAZINGLY gifted and talented and mostly likely struggling with something that would blow my socks off if I only knew…… I too get so busy that i resort to E mail, text, and Facebook

So….Yes I do use Twitter, and Instagram, and Facebook, and I am writing a blog, ALL of them are AWESOME TOOLS. Technology is not the problem, but I MUST REMEMBER THAT THEY ARE NOT completely REAL!  They are communication tools. I worry, however, that many people are moving to a place where all of this social media is becoming what is REAL to people. This turns life upside down.  I forget who I am and what I want and where I am going and that it is SO CRUCIAL to actually get outside of the “Box” (cell phone/computer/tablet) and remember what it is like to reach out and touch someone. I mean it is almost old fashioned now to use a telephone or E mail. (and dont get me started on those “new-fangled changes” they keep making to Yahoo, or Outlook – formerly known as Hotmail, or G mail  🙂

Anywho… back to this quote… It is from The Talented Mr. Ripley. SPOILER ALERT>>>>>>>>>>>>About a man who becomes increasingly more and more haunted and disturbed after he kills a man he admires and desires his life.  I find this a profoundly real and accurate assessment of what in many ways I believe modern  culture is driving us towards. “you must HAVE this if you want to be real. You MUST listen to this, or watch this show to be “in the know.” I think even newsworthy events are heading in this direction. Why do we have to name every winter storm? So it can grab headlines. I mean STORMS are cooler then I am right? I often am out of the loop. I watch very little television and very little TV news. When people say “did you hear about…” and I say “No.” I follow up with.  “if it is that crucial to my life, I’m sure I will hear about it.”

Now, again, don’t get me wrong. Staying current is important, but there are tons of ways to do so — newspaper, radio (which is my preferred method, web services (shout out to http://www.bbc.com/news/world_radio_and_tv/)

So being a REAL nobody is an awesome thing and I am very very proud of being such. I hope you will strive towards real nothingness with me!

Ok LONG post.  So For now that is enough and I hope you all have a great day go for being a REAL nobody OK? Because no one else can be as REAL as you.